Accelerating the Adoption of Innovative RIM Coating Technologies, Disrupting Traditional Paint Processing

The RIM COATING TECHNOLOGY CENTER at SA Engineering in Livonia, Michigan is the first of its kind Demonstration, Development, Validation and Pilot Production Facility for RIM Coating Technology in North America. The center plays a critical role in helping OEMs and Tier Suppliers to overcome the barriers to adoption of innovative coating technologies and the broad commercialization of Direct from Mold “Class A” Parts*. The Center is a Ruhl Strategic Partners initiative made possible by the support and participation of founding members Hennecke, Votteler and SA Engineering.

Direct from Mold “Class A” Parts

Innovative Coating Technology Leveraging Advanced Polyurethane RIM Coating Chemistry to Enable Direct from Mold “Class A” Parts Production Resulting in Improved Product Quality, Design Freedom, Performance and a Reduction in Waste delivering durable, attractive, functional and affordable coated parts direct from mold.

  • Design Freely
  • Reduce Waste
  • Improve Quality
  • Enhance Reliability
  • Increase Performance
  • Lower Innovation Cycles

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